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I never thought I'd say this

But I kind of love curling. I had the Olympics on after the bronze medal hockey game and the gold medal women's curling match was on between South Korea and Sweden. I always brushed curling off as some weird sport that didn't make any sense. I'd only ever watched men's curling and they all looked.. eh. It was boring men throwing a silly looking rock with a handle across ice while other boring men frantically pushed brooms in front of it's path.

But I started paying attention because one of the Swedish women had this gorgeous tattoo sleeve, which I wasn't expecting to see. And the science behind the sport kind of hooked me. I still don't understand the scoring, but there was such strategy, such intensity and focus. And yes, they were all really easy on the eye. For both teams. I'm sad that I hadn't been paying attention sooner, because I'd have liked to have understood the game a little more.

It's such a smart sport. It's pool on ice with a 42 pound granite rock, you have to know how the ice interacts with the stone, which direction you need to polish the ice to make the stone go faster or slower or curve... Seriously, if they'd shown more women's curling I'd have given a damn about the sport and not just brushed it aside as a joke event.

They showed a video some Korean dad posted of his daughter tossing him the remote on a device that they'd rigged up to look like a curling stone while wearing the signature glasses of one of the team members. I tried tracking it down but I wasn't able to find it. If I do I'm totally going to update this post, because that was just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Curling. Never would have thought. Always keep an open mind. Always.
I like her. She’s pretty. And then she caught me and smacked me.

But I was watching her for a minute, wondering what was going through her head. All week I’ve been watching her try to bottle up what she’s feeling about her friend and the kids and everything. Last night it all came pouring out.

Wool Runnings

I came across this on my Twitter feed this morning and had to share.

tickets booked

Rome in June, here I come. What? I couldn't resist the allure of Rome and Romance. ;)

I'll pretend that two weeks in Italy didn't just destroy a good chunk of my savings. But it will be so worth it. I haven't allowed myself to explore my own life in a long time. Even now, it's so strange to realize how single I am after all those years tethered to Gil. He joked last night that he should come with me and then realized how dumb that was and it's good we were just chatting over google cause I'd have hung up on him.

He's my friend and always will be. But this is my time to be ... well ... the woman I became while our marriage was ending.

But I won't lie ... it still makes me a little bit sad that we aren't doing this together. I'm allowed to mourn that.

back to the pain

Over the last few months, I've been writing. In between benders, really. And while totally intoxicated too. I could give Janis a run for her money lately. Well, without the heroin.

Anyway, the shitty first drafts of songs are starting to become something real. which means they are becomming shitty second drafts of songs. I've thrown out a ton of them because they sound like whiny emo crap that surburban moms think is rock and roll. But there's a few that seem to be making the cut for something, and that's when you realize you might be putting an album together. It's always nice to be writing at the same time as Jason. We bounce ideas off of each other. The last couple of albums, Time Machine has rediscovered its roots and I gotta tell you, they're fucking talented musicians and I'll follow them into just about any musical domain but it's nice to really be headbanging again. And this one is pretty intense from what I've heard. But they're just in the early stages too. New albums next year, people! ;)

But yeah, I've always purged my demons through music. But this album more than ever. At some point I gotta put the jug of whiskey down so I can record, so maybe this album will save my liver.


My walk to the coffee shop this morning was a maze of terror and ice patches. You'd think on snowy days like today people would be less likely to jam the doors, but it's like bad weather brings people out who never leave the house. It's supposed to taper off after noon I guess, which is nice. But damn it makes me glad I don't have a car right now.

snowy day challenge

Okay, so it's not a snowy day for a lot of people. But here, after a winter where we've only had three storms in a state that has LEGENDARY snow, February has suddenly decided to remember that we're supposed to get buried under the stuff. Did that make sense? Probably not. lol Anyway, it's snowing here in Utah.

So. What are your characters favorite things to do on a snow day? Drop a comment or, preferably, a short little snow day fic into the comments. What do they read or watch? Or are they so glad for snow they go skiing?



Hello fellow netizens! Remember a week ago I mentioned I was thinking about making some changes? These is them. I figure what’s the point of a writing group if we don’t talk about what we’re writing. Right?

1. Making Lang a concert pianist to start who leaves to do the rock band thing. I don’t want to cut the orchestra part entirely and this way, she still has to make that decision of which one.

2. Moving the kids’ ages/birth order around—Anneke would be turning 7, MJ would now be the middle child turning 5, and Santana stays where she is. This would let me cut up and tighten the last year and a half in the timeline.

3. Cut Mr. Cello and that whole summer.

4. As it stands right now, Kira is going to be Lang’s in at a new label, but now I’m thinking she stays the friend/love interest/whatever. Brynn, if you haven’t figured out, replaces the AJ-shaped cardboard cutout in my story and used to be a good friend of Lang’s until Lang was a cunt and cut her out like she does to everyone. My goal is for them (coughLangcough) to learn to be bffs again and this sets up for Brynn to become Lang’s in at a label. They’re more likely to take that chance on the word of tried-and-true rather than an unknown.

Paul Bunyan goes to the Darwin Awards

I normally pride myself on keeping ahead of market trends in the world of bars and beer. But today my brother scooped me. He gave me a call because there's this place some of his friends were talking about called Urban Axes. It's a big warehouse where for $35 you can throw axes.

Why would I be talking about this place after referencing beer? Why, because they serve beer. And wine. Because what's a more perfect combination than alcohol and ax throwing? Well, I shouldn't say they "serve." The location in Austin is BYOB. They only allow people over 21, so little bro can't go yet. Which he's not terribly torn up over.

I was reading up on this place, and there are several of them. It started in Philly, went to Austin, and they're opening up at least two other locations- one in Baltimore and one in Durham, NC. Their marketing rep said they went to places with a lot of craft breweries. Now, I'm a craft brew kind of guy. Obviously. That's kind of my thing. But places with LOTS of craft breweries?

This is just so hipsters can be one step closer to becoming lumberjacks. They already had the flannel and the beards. Let's add ax throwing and combine it with beer!

In what feels like total irony, this makes me need a damn beer.

vacation ... part 2

Rome it is. It's been forever since I've been and while time on a sandy beach sounds glorious, Rome is just a special place. I've never been while being single ... and I'd be lying if there wasn't some romantic hint of myself that was hoping and praying for a whirlwind Italian romance. ;)

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