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You bring her out ...

JJ did the business stuff. So I'm going to just ... share. Because I can.

Because I haven't felt this way in so long, and feeling this way deserves to be shared. Because I'm falling in love. Because I might be in love. Because I suck at being in love. And because somehow, this all just makes sense when I read this. Because he brings her out. And I don't know if he realizes it.

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and so it begins: Festival Season

My job to be band update man!

At noon today, five bands rolled into the rehearsal garage at Skid Records. Gathered around over really tasty Mexican takeout, we finalized logistics, figured out who is performing when and where, and solidified who gets what crew. In 8 days, we load up onto buses and head toward Austin. In 11, Skid Fest kicks off and we join the touring masses who take advantage of summer vacation and outdoor venues with lax curfews.

Gotta say, it's my favorite tour of the year. When you get to be a Skid Fest band, you spend the summer mentoring and being mentored and connecting to people and hitting up as many places as you fucking can. Granted, we won't sleep until September, but you know, that's the fun right?!

Anyway, we get to tour with Hathor Rising this year and that's always fucking awesome. Those guys are the epitome of AWESOME when it comes to how to prep for a tour and how to put it together and how to be professional all the while having a blast.

Here we have them in rehearsal. Going through everyone's set lists today before we all start our separate rehearsals. It's gonna be a long night.

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New Promotional Stuff

Shameless self promotion of me as Lady Melian. What can I say, it's what I do. Mostly, I'm absolutely in awe of our wardrobe department. I want to keep every single costume I wear. Not that I'd ever have a use for it.

I wrap, completely, at the end of the week and then I'm taking some time to explore Wellington as a tourist, but ... it's so strange to see this project that has been a two year commitment for me come to an end. It has been such a journey for me and has been happening at this time when everything else has been crazy and this has been a little slice of amazing.

I'm really going to miss this cast and crew.

[A/N: No. This is not Jorja. We know this. But the woman has never done a fantasy role. So work with me. ;)]

Jun. 2nd, 2015

I had about a week after finals to put my feet up but then I was back to the grind, doing an apprenticeship with Pops so that my certification is worth more than the paper it's printed on. I like the work and it's cool working with my grandfather and his crew, even if they all want to tease me about shit I said and did when i was just a kid.

The good thing about the rain -which we needed- is that you can't really build houses when there's a down pour. And since there's still a bit of flooding today, we're off for the second day in a row.

Yesterday was a drink coffee all day kind of day but nah, is a wake n'bake, lay around in bed all day kind of a day. vexandsiloence, let's order sandwiches...

A Good Thing, I Suppose

I am in no condition to have a romantic relationship with anyone, so I suppose it is a good thing that the man I have developed entirely inappropriate feelings for exclusively prefers the company of other men. That does not stop this situation from being incredibly painful.

I have not said a word to the object of my affection; he does not need that, having enough problems of his own without an unwanted admirer.

Being able to turn my feelings off would be quite nice right about now, though I know that losing all capacity for real emotion would lead nowhere good.

Life is good

Hey again everyone. Hope you're all doing well.

My updates have continued to be really scarce and for that, I apologize. I know so many of you (ahemMomahem) went to know what I've been up to all these months ;)

The condensed version is... and I say this without any sort of ego and without bragging at all... life is pretty fucking amazing right now. I'm incredibly happy working with Marcus and the rest of the girls here at the agency. You know how sometimes you hear from people that it's hard for them to call what they do for a living work, and you're like, "Fuck you" because work usually really sucks? Well... I finally understand that sentiment now. I couldn't ask for a more fun, more rewarding job or better people to be surrounded with every day. And things with Dustin are just... it's like a fairy tale, honestly.

So, enough rambling. Here's a shot from a photoshoot we've been working on for a few days now. I'm told it's going to be part of some sort of haircare line or something, but I don't really care what it's for because standing over a giant industrial fan was awesome ;)
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Moved in (kinda)

So I never talked about it here except for a couple people but Travis, Mikey, Dave and I finally moved our asses over to Los Angeles with our own places and it is AWESOME. I mean... Safe Harbor is a special little slice of Heaven on fucking earth, and I mean that, but I don't miss Kentucky at all. Seriously. And I can talk shit about Kentucky because even though I wasn't born there I've lived there for a long fucking time now so it's basically my home state.

I don't have pictures of the other guys' places and Travis made me promise to let him post about his place, so I'll just show a picture of my place for now.
picturesCollapse )

This decorating thing will be fucking awesome if I can find more shit like this.

Spending my day off poolside with the boy at Mami and Papi's place. If I can be convinced, I might, maybe, order food. But it's warm and it's a perfect day out here and really, all you need is Margaritas. ;)

But, because I'm being a lazy brat and letting my privilege show, I thought I'd show off the backyard of the house I grew up in. (This is actually a view of my parent's bedroom balcony actually ...) Because sometimes ... I think it's important to remind myself and my stupid brain that I'm really fucking lucky. And that, you know, life can be good.

I really hope things are going well for people right now. I really, really do. Thank you guys for being amazing. I really appreciate the support you've shown.

A bit irritated but okay...

Hi, my name is Glowwyrmei. I am a bit shy, and even bit standoff-ish, whenever I first meet someone new. I am also easily irritated but often get over it quite quickly. However, some of my grudges don't go away. In fact some stay for a long time. Maybe even for life. I am very irritated because one of my bosses called my house to get me to come in on my day off because some dipshit, who neglected to inform my boss at least a week in advance that they could not show up for work today, was a no-show. That person was none other than the person who gets on my nerves the most: Sara B. So while she is enjoying her fucking day off and because I am unable to show due to my hours, my poor friend Helgin Touif (writer's comment/input: I will do an intro for both Helgin Touif and Sara B. another time) is having to pick up her slack! What in the Ten Hells is wrong with her and why of all Careers did she have to choose the one I am in?! Seriously.

But at least the boss who called me was understanding when I explained my situation with her. She let me have my day off and let me know that she was going to have a serious talk with Sara and that was when the telephone conversation ended. Meanwhile, I am thinking, 'Why not just fire her ass and be done with it?!' I mean, seriously, come on. She's done this several times to other beings since she's been in my department at her deskjob since she is a telephone clerk answering calls all day long! How hard is that for her to do?! And for fuck's sake Helgin Touif is not even in my department! He is in the Special Ops Espionage Department! C'mon folks. Why should we be the ones to cover this slacker's ass? P. S. She's only been in my Department for two or three months at most and already has had several verbal and written warnings issued and has even been given a three-week suspension without pay. Think that brought this problem home in to that thick skull of hers? Think again. Gods and Goddesses! How many chances do we have to give her?! Something needs to be done before I go insane.



thoughts to ponder

Took off on my bike this morning. Like the last trip I can't go far, but made it to Malibu and there's a public beach with some cabins not too far off so I can crash here and make it back to LA tomorrow. While I was fucking around on the internet though, came across a kind of thought provoking article about that Real Life Matrix concept - and now how the movie compares to our lives but instead that life we're living and what it all means.

Few things in it were any surprise coming from the whole point of the article though. Reminders that we are programed from school age to do certain things, to spew certain facts. His whole point was actually about creating art and daring to follow that goal and to break away from what people tell us is acceptable in our culture. There were some inaccuracies. 50% of marriages actually don't end in divorce anymore - don't know where I saw that, but it was a good article. It's less than 50%. People are getting better at being together. But, pretty much everything else was spot on when it came to the shit he was talking about. Because truth is, we are a fucked up society and there's reasons for it. Because we're told so much bullshit all our lives. And I don't think this article, which like I said, isn't anything new, would have stuck with me if I weren't currently hanging out right here:

Anyway, food for thought -

Loving relationships. Spirituality. Nature. Meditation. Reflection. A relationship with God. Self-discovery and personal development. Self-realization. Living in the present moment. Emotional/mental mastery. These are the things that comprise happiness, yet we are taught that getting a job, marrying a partner, buying a house, and raising kids is how we become happy. If this was the case, then why do half of all marriages end in divorce? Why is suicide the 10th leading cause of death in America? Why is depression, anxiety, and mental illness at an all time high?

We are born into a hollow society that is designed to keep us media-obsessed consumers who buy things we don’t need to fill a void that has only been created due to the emptiness of the society in the first place. When you get taught about “the pursuit of happiness”, what they really mean to say is “the pursuit of material gain”.

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