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Flashback Friday...

So, while the country goes mad over a bullshit holiday, I'm thinking back to the tour. Because when I'm on stage, nothing else matters. I love it. I think this was in France, back in October. I was particularly theatrical with my wardrobe.

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it's true ...

It really is the truest form of LA love. ;)

Nov. 26th, 2015

I don't know how you define homesickness. I don't know if there is a time limit. So I don't know if how I've been feeling can be called homesick because New York is as much my home as Holland is. But that's what I've been feeling--the need to go back there.

Apparently the hubs saw me talking about how I had been thinking about getting a flight to Amsterdam. That doesn't really mean much, but he conspired with my mother.

She called this morning and suggested I stay home. I was planning to, anyway, because come on, I'm nearly six months pregnant and feeling like a walrus. The last thing I want to do is go anywhere near Penn Station. But I digress.

My mom showed up at my door not long after she called and took Anneke to the grocery store. I fell asleep waiting for them to get back, but when they did, I was surprised with people I haven't seen in years.

She had conspired with my tante, my childhood friends Rini and Drika, and Anneke. The last time I saw Rini and Drika was when they were bridesmaids in my wedding. And now they're here and I can't stop crying. This is as close to perfect as I can get right now.

thankful ...

On this Thanksgiving eve, I'm sitting here with Carlos and his sisters and a glass of wine and just ... thankful.

I'm thankful because I'm here. I've got a job where I'm respected and where I respect the people I work with. In addition, over the years I've been able to land jobs that have put me in a fantastic financial situation that makes me breathe easier at night. I have my dream home, nestled in the hills of paradise.

I've got three fur children who give me reasons to get up in the morning. There are few things better than dog kisses in the morning.

I've an adopted family - a crew of sisters and brothers and (now a niece and nephew) who never blinked when I came into their lives. (And if they did, they never let me see it.) These people, from Carlos' bandmates to his family have never made me feel like I was anything less than family.

And I have this amazing man in my life. He gets me. He has from the moment we met. And I am so thankful he wants to share his life with me, because I tell you, I've got the better end of the bargain.

I know life is crazy for so many, and I know so often it's hard to feel thankful. But tonight, I'm counting my blessings and reminding myself there is more to life than the stresses I allow to invade my brain.

Nov. 25th, 2015

I don't think I have the energy to spend a day with my husband's family.  I probably have valid reasons to bail but that just seems really heartless considering it's Thanksgiving.

It's Holiday Comment Fic Party Time! :D

So ... What, pray tell, is a Comment Fic Party?

Well, it's a chance for us to kill, maim, break play with our characters, with other people's characters, with new characters all in a safe and encouraging environment. Especially for those of you who have been waiting for a chance to show off your writing skills. :)

So ... here's a basic rundown of how it will work.

We will keep PROMPTS open between now and and 11:30 PM Sunday, December 6th (EST).

FICS can be posted from now until 11:00 PM Sunday, December 31st (EST).

Yes, you read that right, we're keeping this thing going ALL December long. It's the Holidays! Let's prompt and write! After the prompts close, we will be posting a weekly reminder. :)

More questions?

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We're never too busy to take a minute for ourselves. For family. For friends. And I'm being reminded of this as I run around like a crazy person, getting ready for the annual Time Machine Thanksgiving Tradition.

The story goes that the guys in Time Machine woke up one day, having parked their van in a 7-11 parking lot for a few hours to catch some sleep, and realized it was Thanksgiving. They walked in, bought chips and beer, and spent the day getting to know each other again. Since then, Thanksgiving has been a tradition that isn't about turkey and football so much as it is a reminder that we have crazy schedules and family and pressures to make our music the best it can be, and for a few minutes, we can breathe and enjoy each other. As the found family we truly are.

We don't celebrate in the back of vans anymore. No, it's at someone's house, with food and all the trimmings and as many people as we can cram into every corner. Band members, family, roadies, record company people, you name it we are here, being together. And preparation definitely starts the week before. I've been spit shining my house for days and you bet my kids are forgoing homework to help. Adryana gets her toe shoes back when her room is clean. ;)

It's a stressful mess, but I love it. I love this family we've forged. Because you know what, Time Machine is kind of unique. We're just tight beyond tight and who we are to each other fucking matters on a deep, emotional level. Once you're a member of the family - and all you really have to do to get there is to breathe and say hello - every single person would stand in front of a bullet for you.

So you bet Thanksgiving is worth all the stress. I just really hope I didn't leave anything off the shopping list. ;)


What little fame I've accumulated I've gained because of circumstance. Because I married the rich and famous Mike Wilson some people actually give a crap about who I am, what I do, and what I think. It's provided me great opportunities, too. I wouldn't have had the chance to open the shop if I didn't have the resources being his wife affords me. John left AJ money. Gale set up a trust fund. But that would've been her college money.

If I hadn't met Mike, if that big dorky teddy bear hadn't gotten me to fall in love, my life would have been very different. I have honorary degrees from OU, but no real college education. I've taken a few classes here and there over the past couple of years to try and feel like I'm not entirely slacking on the hard work most successful business owners have to put in on the back end. And I like to think that maybe I would have gone back to school and maybe come close to having a stable life for my daughter. It could've happened. But that's about as exciting as I'd have gotten.

(I'm going on a bit of a tangent here, so bear with me...)

I wouldn't have people wanting to interview me. Now, don't get me wrong, when I get interviewed it's few and far between. And most of the time it's local people. But you know what question spans across all of them? The college girls writing for The Daily Texan, the local TV news, or even E! and Metal Edge?

"What's it like being married to Mike Wilson?" or the alternate, "What's the Time Machine family like?"

I can't tell you how long it's taken to not take offense to those questions during interviews that are supposedly about... not that. Seeing as how I'm still a little sensitive about it, I legitimately cannot tell you how long it's taken. I know it's not intended to be hurtful. But you know what I hear? "Hey, so, you're a normal person like me without insane amounts of talent... what's that like?" And I hear that because one person actually clarified her question by saying that.

I'm an ordinary person. I'm not trying to belittle myself when I say that, either. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. And I say that. I say that as much as I can because sometimes the person asking those questions are asking because they're insecure. They don't think it's okay that they aren't brilliant artists. That they're not breaking boundaries and making names for themselves in the annals of history.

One time this super pretentious hipster came into my shop with someone who looked related. After spending some time browsing they struck up a conversation, obviously annoyed that that they'd been forced to come into the shop in the first place. They asked me, "What's it like being a footnote in so many amazing stories?" I told them I was too busy living my own to notice. Being an ordinary person doesn't mean I don't have my own life.

Nov. 23rd, 2015

For the past week or so, I've been having the same dream. It always starts out with a hundred men dragging boats on sledges across the ice. I know the history of King William Island. What I don't know is why is it in my dreams.

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