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The husband is overseas. The house is cold. And getting drunk alone isn't any fun, especially when there's a good chance I'd get called in anyway. I've done the popping cough drops thing at a scene. It doesn't work as well as you think it does. Just sayin.

I shall now spend the rest of shift trying to convince my best friend and teammate that he should pick up the shift our assistant supervisor wants to abdicate. Working on New Years is just fine. Working alone, or with a bunch of rookie/trainees who weren't smart enough to find a way out of it, isn't.

I do miss the New Years when Gil was here though. He'd schedule us so we were on the board together and more often than not we'd spend midnight in one of the SUVs. If we were called out, our celebration was a quick kiss as the year turned over and he'd hold my hand on the way to the scene (even when we weren't dating). If we weren't called out and we had some time ... well ... let's just say we were lucky we were never caught. It kind of became a tradition and it's one I miss.


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