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Open Vein Writing

Where Characters Come to Share

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Open Vein Writing
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A place for Writers to Write
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein. ~ Red Smith

Welcome to Open Vein Writing, a place where writers come together to encourage the characters in their heads to share with each other.

Inspired by a facebook group that brought writers together from all over the country, this community gives writers a chance to explore character journaling and short story writing in a comfortable and safe place.

We hope to see all kinds of journals - from your favorite fanfic RPG character to that original character who needs to interact with someone besides you. We also encourage writers to join, to ask questions and post challenges to other writers.

This is NOT an RPG but in fact a place for writers to be writers. Come and play! Open a vein. Start writing!

Character Information

The journals here vary - from writing journals with multiple characters to specific character journals. Whether you are writing a fic/RPG character or an original one, we ask that you start off by first going to THIS POST and commenting with tags you would like to have added to the community. Then, please jump in, with however many characters you want and fill out the following very brief survey:

Character name:
Canon age:
Where does the character live:
Character/canon wiki links of interest:
Character's likes:
Character's dislikes:
Character pet peeves:
Do you write fiction/fanfiction for this character? Links?
Are you involved in any RPG/etc for this character?

And add any other items you would like for your fellow journalers to know.

Note that tags are organized as follows:
[who] your character's full name (for example: [who] Sasha Martin or [who] aj)
[fandom] fandom name (for example: [fandom] ncis: all but one or [fandom] original: beyond the arc))
Duplicate muses (like Gibbs) you'll add: [journal] journal name (for example: [journal] dc_knight)
For your character's introductory post, you will add the intro post tag

Note: you will see some entries with a [storyline] tag. Please note this is NOT a mandatory tag. There are some writers who are exploring multiple storylines (either in alternate universes or in differing timelines) with the same character. If it is something you are interested in adding to your tags, talk to a mod for more information.

Thank you!

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact your friendly neighborhood moderators:
vegawriters and jazminebel or our tagging queen: on_jennys_terms

PLEASE NOTE: You must have an ACTIVE livejournal account to be approved for this community. If you request to join through a twitter or facebook link, you will not be accepted until you create a livejournal account. When you request to join the comm, one of the mods will message you. If we can't message you to confirm your participation and understanding of how things work, you will not be added. If you have questions and do not have a livejournal account, please email us or contact @openveinwriting on twitter. Thank you.

A bit of legalese:
All fan fiction is done for entertainment purposes and no money is made from the fun that is had. All characters and fandoms belong to their respective networks and powers that be.

All original work is the sole property of the writer and they have the right to pull down, change, edit, and snark characters, storylines, etc.

Any and all images of actors/singers/models/etc that are used to represent original characters are done for creative purposes only and the writers hold no rights to the content that is used.

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