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Yo: Writer Time!

So, thinksinpink's switch up of her canon today got me thinking and I've got two questions for you:

1) If you could reboot/restart/create an alternate or divergent universe with what you're writing, would you and why and which story lines specifically?

2) If you have done it, what made you do it, and why?


Mar. 5th, 2015 05:37 pm (UTC)
And to topple things off, Gloria is reference to a Hell God, although Buffy the vampire slayer was
I guess both, none and, how-to-say, piquing at the interests of those who relate to a particular plot point. An instance might be my own interpretation of the song GLORIA as sung by Jim Morrison. Wouldn't you say most peeps would interpret that song as one individual's obsession over a girl named Gloria?

Me too. But after listening to a loop of the song last night, I obsessed differently and decided to adapt it for the outline of my entire flick. Gloria is not the girl being obsessed over but rather a girl that has saved HIM from further obsessing over her (SHE). We go thru the dif stages of his relationship with her (SHE), abruptly interrupting it when the name Gloria appears.

There isn't really a chronology since the lyrics have him asking her name, what school she goes to, etc. then, in the second stanza, reveals that they ride home together (from school). For me personally, it isn't her (SHE) school, which he discovered after asking her, but their school. I would like my viewers to interpret my story with a skewed timeline.

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