Vicky Clarke (amongtheheather) wrote in openveinwriting,
Vicky Clarke

Have you ever looked back at your life and wondered how... how you made such a fucking mess of it all? When I got engaged to Tom, Gran was cautiously happy for me. She saw that I was happy, and loved that I was happy, because... well because it was so rare for me to be happy in those days. But I know... I think... she saw what a mistake it was.

I love my husband. But if we'd spent some time apart when we were young, lived more of our lives, come back to each other as fully formed people... maybe our lives wouldn't be so bloody broken right now.

I miss him but I'm not ready for him to be back. And even with Frankie visiting, I feel incredibly lonely. And I know I did this to myself.
Tags: [fandom] original: the other side, [who] lora bonwell

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