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I'd been reading about Lin-Manuel Miranda, just being fascinated by his work and actually pretty bloody amazed at how I can be so captivated by someone. Well Tory's girls noticed, and they said they were going to make me watch Moana because he did a lot of the soundtrack for it. They love it because it's a Disney Princess that's not a white girl. I figured what harm could it be, it's a fuckin Disney movie.

I got really, really cheesed off with Tory for not warning me about the subject matter. Warning me that there were multiple scenes of people struggling to keep from drowning in the ocean. A movie where the ocean is literally a bloody character. There were parts of the movie I had to close my eyes through, and lemme just say I felt like a pathetic fuckin child havin to close my eyes through a damn animated kids movie.

The girls were such sweethearts. They noticed when I got uncomfortable and curled up with me, givin me hugs. And after, when they were still tryin to make me feel better, knowin why I was reactin that way, they said "Maybe the ocean chose you, Uncle Andy" and "Maybe you're here to return heart to the world." They suggested that when I was ready to talk to people about what happened, it would make a really good movie and maybe Lin-Manuel could write the music for it.

I've never felt so simultaneously good and horrid at the same time.
Tags: [fandom] original: rock the cradle, [storyline] the resurrection of andrew m, [who] andrew malone

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