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Character name: Jaime Elizabeth Shepard Gibbs (my rapper name is J-Beth)

Canon/Fandom: NCIS: New York Bound, NCIS: Stable Graces

Canon age: 25

Occupation/School/Etc: I've spent the last three years working with orphaned baby elephants in Zambia. I have bachelor's degrees from AU in French and Political Science. My mother was the first female director of an armed government agency--to put it into perspective, there were two people between her and the President. I'm fluent in French, Ukrainian, Chinyanja, and I have a working understanding of Russian and Arabic. I love my elephants, but the current world climate has me thinking about getting back into politics and specifically going back to the UN.

Married/Single/Etc: Single. I was seriously involved with a Marine for many, many years and we were going to get married someday, but when I moved to Africa, he stayed in Washington and we drifted apart.

Where does the character live: I'm a citizen of the world.

Character/canon wiki links of interest: Long live the Queen, Jaime's history

Character's likes: jelly beans, baby elephants, and traveling

Character's dislikes: trendy diseases (seriously, how come we haven't cured breast cancer by now?), corrupt governments

Character pet peeves: sand and dust--it gets in fucking everything!

Do you write fiction/fanfiction for this character? Links? Not for this character but see Jenny's journal for her fics.

Are you involved in any RPG/etc for this character? Not anymore

Full disclosure: Jaime doesn't really matter to me so much anymore, which is probably why I stopped writing her. My love of NCIS faded and when that story died, I moved on. I think she was purely an RP character and I know she was never destined for anything bigger than that. So it's unlikely she'll stick around again, but we'll see. Maybe she'll poke her head in things.

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What has America's beloved daughter been up to? Well! I left the country. I finished school in June and then moved to Africa. I got a job as the elephant nursery manager for the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia. It's not exactly as prestigious as, say, NCIS Director, and probably not something my mother would have ever chosen for me, but I have loved every day. The only drawback is Boyfriend is still back in Washington.

This is my office.