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Andy serious

A rabbi, a priest, and an atheist...

I'm in desperate need of new icons. But I guess for right now this will do. Anyway.

This video has been circulating for the past couple days, and I wanted to make sure it got shared. It's an incredible thing, the meeting of three different faiths, the sharing of some bud, and a friendly conversation about their beliefs. In the end, no one converts anyone and maybe they have a better understanding of each other.

“Maybe this will work for all of us. Just think of God as all things true, knowing we don’t know all things.”

In particular I wanted to share with vexandsiloence and my phone crashed so this was a way to share with her and with everyone else. Because really, in people who are safe to consume it, marijuana can be a gateway to new ways of thinking. It can bring people together. It can remind us we aren't all that different.


So, you know how on movies and stuff, they always say things like "costuming for so and so ..."

Well, for Play it as it Lays ... costuming for Ms. Case will be provided by Mai Wilson designs. They were looking for a costumer who was already familiar with her and with vintage style and well, guess who got the gig. I'll take being recommended for the job. Especially since I was already on their radar. EEEEEE. This is like ... huge, okay. Let me squee.

We screen tested today ... hathor_rising ... your wife was born in the wrong era. ;)

Lucia 3

designer bitching

It is an honor of all honors to be asked to design a wedding dress for an award winning, A-list actress (even if she is pretty much about to be your sister in law and you'd do it for her if she wasn't an A-list award winning phenom.)


Where was I?

Oh yes.

She's a designer's dream. Tall, leggy, slender, and looks good in pretty much everything. And this dress? The 1930's called and they want me back. ;)

Seriously, I'm so excited with how this is coming along.

But really, I'd like for my model to not lose any more weight between fittings. Just maintaining a size would be nice. And it isn't exactly a compliment. I just want to fill her with french fries whenever she comes in.
Lucia 3

all my friends are vampires ...

Sorry. That's a lyric from the song that's stuck in my head.

Last night I decided to start a Friday Night Lights rewatch. Because why not spent time with a rather realistic interpretation of football life in Texas. And okay, it could be because my baby brother is graduating from high school and I'm home and so you know, why not stay up all night marathoning TV?

I'm glad my twinsie never got hurt and I'm glad we weren't in small town Texas ... I mean in Austin it's bad enough. In small town world ... but James knew kids like the ones in this show. Hell, to a point he was one of them. And who knows. Maybe I just needed a good cry because the show is good for that too.

But yeah. Of all the shows out there about "Texas" - FNL is really the one that gets it right. It's about football down there. Their religion has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with that ball.

Anyway. I'm rambling.
Lucia 3

not for any reason ...

Well okay. It's Thursday and it's kind of a throwback but really, I was flipping through my phone and saw this and I miss my guy.

First guy to really treat me with respect and not "fix" my brain. First guy to accept that being with me means being with my migraines and my meltdowns. First guy to let me be obsessive over what my brain needs me to be obsessive about and let the obsession play out to it's natural conclusion. First guy I fell in love with, and I really hope he's the last one too.

I miss you, baby.

and this is why i love photography

She's amazing. And captures it perfectly. So perfectly.

“Through this body of work, I am visually interpreting my own emotional and physical journey so that others may be able to understand this weight that so many bear in our society,” she writes on her site. “Anxiety bars the sufferer from the risk of discovery, the desire to explore new ideas, and the possibility of exiting a comfort zone. It makes sure that it will never be alone. It finds you when you’re in the midst of joy, or alone in your own mind. It is quiet and steady, reminding you of your past failures, and fabricating your future outcomes.”

Haunting self-portraits reveal what anxiety really feels like.

i can't adult. i just can't.

I got home and took a shower and I had this whole rant about my day and my brain and how I hate how I freeze up in front of my boss when I'm asked questions and how I just wish I could design clothes from inside my apartment and now talk to people and how I hate that my sister is on tour and my boyfriend is on tour and my dad is on tour and my mom is in Austin and my twin isn't here and my younger brother is you know, in high school. I hate that I can't just hide forever because I want to and I hate that I had to take my emergency anxiety meds today but couldn't go home after and that deadlines exist and I hate that this matters forever and ever and ever because it's all I've ever wanted.

And that's why my rant changed. Believe it or not, my rant changed.

I just ... I want to come home and design clothes and then watch awesome singers and awesome people wear them, you know. And maybe get a dog or a cat or something.

Did I have a point? I don't even know anymore.

The meds might be kicking in.

I just hope that I'm not getting a migraine.

I'm making a pot of tea. That'll help. Right?