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oh, it's been an age ...

My hands shake constantly now. It's almost impossible to climb to the saddle and ride, but I do every day. I have a plan in place to keep the ranch moving forward. I need it. Because the Huntington's is moving on me, without my permission. A fight I won't lose without landing a few last punches, but I'm not going to win.

Some fights, you can't win.


The other night, Catherine put on this album and as Joan's dulcet tones flowed through the house ... this caught my attention. One of the greatest songs of all time, sung by one of the greatest of all time ...

Brothers in Arms.

I just ... hope ... after this disease finally claims me ... the messages in this song are remembered ...

Red Sweater

All it takes is a deep breath.

I have three pregnant girls. Two more who were kicked out of their homes. Three who were removed by force. And what, another twenty or so with differing versions of those issues. And every single one comes here terrified and every single one, by the time they're done with their first hour, are clinging to a horse and sobbing out their fears and frustrations. They come so angry. So terrified of everything. So ready to fight. And they don't trust humans. Of course they don't. Why should they? Every human ever has hurt them. But that horse ... that horse hasn't yet.

The first one of the year ...

One of my teens when into labor today. One of the things I love about the group of young women who come here to volunteer, they're also all bonded together. And when she went into labor, they gathered around her, they got her to the car, and they're still all there at the hospital, refusing to go back to their respective foster or group homes, or even the shelter because their friend is having a baby and is terrified and they're going to be there for her because she's at the shelter and doesn't have anyone.

I can't save them. But damn if it's not amazing watching them save each other.
With the Horses

working with kids ... a daily ... surprise...

Child: But I don't want to get on the horse.
Me: Okay, you don't have to. We'll go clean out the stables.
Child: I don't want to do that.
Me: Okay ... let's go do some ground work.
Child: I don't want to do that.
Me: Okay ... what do you want to do?
Child: I want to pose in front of the barn and model.
Me: .......

I actually didn't have an answer.